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Geographer at 826 Valencia Bash
Night Without Borders Opening Dinner
CJM Family Gala
Lawrence Hall of Science Gala
CJM Family Gala
SFMOMA Campaign Celebration
Umpqua VIP Opening
SFMOMA Ground Breaking

Denise Goldstein Special Events is a boutique event planning firm serving non-profit and corporate clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our passion is special events - we love the process of crafting unique and powerful moments that remain with guests long after the last goodbye and that reap big rewards for our clients. Put simply, we enjoy doing good work for good people doing good things.

Planning an event can be extremely stressful if you don't have the time, vendor relationships, or expertise. That's where we step take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on your day-to-day. And so you can say #winning!


Take a tour of our recent events to get to know us better.

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