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826 Valencia

The Bookeaters' Bash

Location: The Warfield Theatre

Guest Count: 350


In Spring 2016, much beloved non-profit 826 Valencia had much to celebrate - they would be opening a second program location in San Francisco, this time in the Tenderloin neighborhood. When it came to planning their annual fundraiser, which for years had been "family only", they looked to their expansion as a reason to shake things up and experiment with a new format.


Denise came on board to help re-imagine the event, which would include two parts: a VIP reception in the new program location, followed by dinner, cocktails, and a star-studded program for an expanded crowd just steps away at the iconic Warfield Theatre. With a short planning timeline and lots of details to manage in both locations, Denise helped ensure that the 826 leadership team felt confident and prepared going into this important night. 

The rock 'n roll glam backdrop of the Warfield set the stage for a brilliant night. Actress, author, and producer Mindy Kaling and 826 co-founder Dave Eggers had a rousing Q&A (which could have gone on all night), students took the stage to speak their truth and ask Mindy to contribute, and donors in the crowd contributed unprecedented amounts during a raise-the-paddle. As a grand finale Oakland-based indie darling band Geographer rocked the house while guests re-discovered the joy of Its-It ice cream sandwiches.


Tons of congratulatory emails and Tweets poured in and 826 Valencia said it was the best event they'd ever had!

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